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Partner with us to fulfill our vision for the comprehensive personal formation of every child from the classrooms of early childhood to college admissions.


Your gift makes an immediate IMPACT on our school community!

Your gift will significantly impact Bishop Reicher students, families, and staff as we strive to provide a Catholic education that invites all souls to be set apart for holiness. All contributions are tax-deductible, and many companies offer matching gift programs. You may also use this contribution to recognize a special person or event through a memorial or honorarium.

Ways of Giving

The BLR Fund
The purpose of the BLR Fund is to build unrestricted giving to ensure that each student will reach their fullest potential on their journey to becoming saints. This fund will allow the school to offer Choir, Theatre Arts, band, and several other programs to be the beacon of Catholic education in the Waco community. Additionally, this fund will also be used for facility enhancements. Having the ability to offer these amazing programs and have well-kept facilities is important to student engagement as illustrated by one of our current seniors, ‘BLR gives everyone the chance to play any sport, to participate in more than one club, and to be in a school that strengthens my spiritual relationship with God.’

Fostering Saints Fund
The Fostering Saints Fund is a restricted fund that will provide tuition assistance to those students who meet the tuition assistance guidelines. Access to an outstanding Catholic education is a priority at Bishop Reicher. During the 2022-2023 school year, 174 students were awarded a total of $827,900.00 in tuition assistance. This is made possible by the generosity of our benefactors and foundation grants. Tuition assistance is vital to our school community, as another senior stated, ‘I am grateful for the opportunity to be in a school that sees tuition assistance as a priority. I would not have been able to attend BLR without this support.’

Our goal is to have a solid base of recurring monthly gifts to provide a consistent, dependable flow of funds to supplement tuition income to ensure we are able to fulfill our purpose of 'Welcoming sinners and fostering saints'. While the focus is on recurring monthly gifts, all gifts are appreciated. Your generosity is the cornerstone of our success.

If you wish to donate using a draft from your checking account, please click here.

For more information about how you can partner with Bishop Reicher, please contact:
Shirley Jansing
Director of Development
Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School
2102 North 23rd Street
Waco, Texas 76708